How mobile operators can use
machine learning to detect
and optimise the network
for roaming IoT devices


While almost half of roaming revenues will come from machine-to-machine communications (IoT devices), providing permanent M2M/IoT roaming is cited as a key challenge by more than 50% of mobile operators.

By gaining a complete view of IoT devices roaming on their networks, mobile operators can optimise their networks for M2M traffic, offer optimal Quality of Service, and ultimately monetise IoT better.

The information needed to unlock this potential is already present within an operator’s network traffic, it just needs to be mined and interpreted. BICS SMART Webvision is an advanced end-to-end traffic monitoring, reporting and business intelligence tool that uses advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to provide the insights needed to optimise and improve the network for M2M roaming traffic.

Join Damion Rose, mobile signaling and roaming expert from BICS, as he discusses how mobile operators can use machine learning to automatically detect and optimize for roaming M2M devices.

17th October
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Damion Rose

Product Manager – Mobile Signaling and Roaming Solutions

Damion Rose is Product Manager – Mobile Signaling and Roaming Solutions for BICS. His role encompasses business development across global markets in mobile signaling and roaming solutions and establishing partnerships and projects worldwide in this fast-growing area of telecoms. Damion has more than 15 years’ experience in Telecommunications and Project Management with a history of driving efficiency and innovation.

Damion has a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of the West Indies.

George Malim

Managing editor
VanillaPlus Magazine

George is a freelance technology journalist. He has covered the telecoms market since 1999 and contributes to Global Telecoms Business, The Mobile Network, VanillaPlus and Wireless magazines in addition to producing content on behalf of operators, vendors and creative agencies.