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Is your intelligence on the edge?

Why edge computing is critical for digital transformation

In this issue of Tech Trends:

George Malim

Editor’s overview:
Data lakes and streams give life to intelligence at the edge
by George Malim
Data, communications and computing infrastructure are coming together but intelligence at the edge relies on new tools and processes. Can enterprises cope with the torrent of real-time data?

Jim Morrish

Analyst report:
Edge computing will be critical for digital transformation
by Jim Morrish, a founding partner at Transforma Insights
Edge computing may garner fewer headlines, but as a key enabler for solutions that utilise emerging technologies such as AI, 5G, cloud and IoT, it has become vital to the day-to-day operations of many enterprises.

Dheeraj Remella

5G and MEC encourage edge intelligence to become pervasive
with Dheeraj Remella by George Malim
VoltDB’s Dheeraj Remella tells George Malim how the challenges of edge intelligence are being addressed and why there will be no going back to centralised, remote architectures.

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Why low latency is vital for edge success


Pandemic pressures organisations to push intelligence to the edge


Exploring the security concerns around edge computing and how they are being resolved


The latest analyst predictions for the Multi-access edge computing (MEC) market

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