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Which data for what decisions?

Calling all Telco CTOs: learn how to better convert your data into actionable insights

In this special issue of Tech Trends:

George Malim

Editors overview:
For CSPs, it's time for data with destiny
by George Malim
The data plumbing is now done, and the next step is extracting actionable insights from data lakes, the only barrier left for CSPs is trust.

Robin Duke-Woolley

Analyst report:
Why data-driven decision management is the differentiator for CSPs
by Robin Duke-Woolley
With their backs against the wall, are CSPs finally prepared to let go of their legacy systems and embrace what makes them different – the data?

Mel Prescott

Data-driven decision making demands a holistic view
with Mel Prescott by George Malim
A data analytics expert reveals how the use of big data and mathematical algorithms are helping to predict customer behaviour

You will find out:


How to predict customer behaviour and tailor the right offer to the right customer


Telco industry analysts explore the risks and strategies of data driven decision making


The leading digital decision platform reviews, helping CSPs to use their data transform CEX and create huge new revenues

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