How to become a customer experience leader in challenging times

Now more than ever, it has become critical to engage each and every customer with empathy. CSPs need to hit the mark on every interaction, ensuring it’s completely relevant and tailored to the individual customer.

50% of CSP employees surveyed indicated that making sure customers ‘feel like the company cares’ was a top CX priority with 73% of CSP decision-makers saying that customers should be engaged individually.

This Pega study explores how real-time decisioning has helped CSPs increase customer satisfaction, deliver exceptional CX at scale and build long-term customer relationships.

Moments of opportunity open – and close – within seconds.

Learn how real-time decisioning can not only level up your CX and help you win opportunities but move fast to ensure, you’re always in the right place at the right time for your customers.

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  • What is real-time decisioning?
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  • How does real-time impact customer experience?
  • Data management platforms vs Customer data platforms vs Real-time decision engines
  • Real time use cases helping CSPs take their CX to the next level
  • Three key areas where businesses see improvement with real-time
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