Microservices are everywhere:
What CSPs can learn from IT

November 9th | 3PM GMT


CSPs are in a critical period of transformation right now. Omnipresent connectivity is driving new disruptive business models which are further driving up demands on the networks. Virtualization of appliances and systems is seen as a necessary step to add the agility to meet the increasing and evolving service demands. As vendors and CSPs are faced with building these virtualized systems, it’s imperative to look at the software engineering methodologies that the IT industry has successfully applied to challenges at comparable scale.

Microservices architecture has emerged over the last few years as a way to address these large scale engineering challenges. Already adopted by large organizations like Google, Amazon and Netflix, microservices provide an agile and cost-effective way for CSPs to build their services quicker and keep them running longer.

On November 9th, we’ll attempt to understand microservices, by discussing:

  • How CSPs can gain
  • Inspirational case studies
  • Platforms and helpful tools
  • What’s on the other side of the bridge
  • And more

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Seeta Somagani
Solutions Architect

Seeta Somagani is a Solutions Architect at VoltDB working primarily with Telco, Media, Retail, AdTech and Manufacturing industries. Seeta brings 15 years of experience building applications in a variety of industries and likes attending tech meetups in NYC, Philly and NJ area. He lives in central New Jersey and loves to travel anytime.

John Abraham
Senior Analyst
Analysys Mason

John is a member of Analysys Mason's Telecoms Software and Networks Research team. He leads our Revenue Management programme and our research into digital experience for monetisation platforms, as part of the Digital Experience programme. John also contributes to our research into cloud-native architecture models, which is covered as part of the Software-Controlled Networking programme. John has been part of the telecoms industry since 2006, and joined Analysys Mason in early 2012. He has worked on a range of telco projects for operators in Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East. Before joining Analysys Mason, he worked for several years for a BSS vendor and before that for Dell Inc in India. John holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Anna University (India) and an MBA from Bradford University School of Management (UK). 

George Malim
Managing editor
VanillaPlus Magazine

George is a freelance technology journalist. He has covered the telecoms market since 1999 and contributes to Global Telecoms Business, The Mobile Network, VanillaPlus and Wireless magazines in addition to producing content on behalf of operators, vendors and creative agencies.