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ZTEsoft boosts China Mobile’s IoT business growth and development

Voice and messaging revenues for CSP have been severely impacted as a result of the advent of competing digital services from internet companies

Digital services transformation – are we there yet?

Before the phrase DSP gained popularity and before digital transformation was touted as a crucial necessity to long-term business survival

Geospatial technology gives operators greater insights across their businesses

Succeeding in today’s highly disruptive, competitive telecoms market requires strategic investments that deliver new services, grow revenue and improve customer experience

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As Communications Service Providers (CSPs) invest in becoming The battle to be the first U.S. operator to roll out a 5G network has certainly been hotting up of late, says Peter Dykes, with claims and counter claims being traded in the press and social media. But being first to the winning post is not an issue for every carrier in that country.

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There’s bad news and good news, writes Shamik Mishra, the associate vice president of the innovation team at Aricent. By next year, according to industry insiders, the OTT market could double in almost every aspect that impacts mobile operators

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Recently, technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are having a moment in the spotlight due to their potential to transform our working and personal lives

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