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How operators can optimise deployments with geographical information

Richard Stevenson is the telecoms lead at Esri UK, a provider of geographic information systems (GIS)

Operators see five motivations for 5G deployment but strategies differ

Although there is understandable enthusiasm in the vendor community to deploy 5G

Why device management matters and how to achieve it

Device manufacturers and IoT system developers need to think upfront about how to manage those devices

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In space exploration, NASA needed a way to monitor and control each of its spacecraft, space stations and satellites that were sent from Earth, writes Ganesan Arulanandham, a consulting partner at Wipro.

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The term Internet of Things was first coined 18 years ago. Today, it is a global phenomenon at the centre of the next generation of digital innovation. But its future is not yet assured as IoT needs a robust infrastructure to support the billions of devices that will be connected in the coming years.

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There are many who talk about 5G but few, says John Strand of Strand Consult, have described what it takes to create a healthy 5G market with network deployment, service development, business models and customer demand.

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