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The 5G Revolution

In the coming months, Communication Services Providers (CSPs) across the globe will be busy rolling out the 5G network.

VoltDB Achieves 3M ops/second Scaling Linearly on Telecom Benchmark

VoltDB is trusted globally by telecommunications software solution providers as the in-memory database of choice to power their mission-critical applications deployed at over 100 operators around the world.

VoltDB and the 5G Revolution

VoltDB is the commercialization of H-Store, a prototype built at M.I.T. in the mid 2000’s. One can think of them as having very similar architectures, and we will lump them together in this paper using the mnemonic V-H.

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From small to large enterprises, progressive telcos are halving the time required to complete network audits and capture data in the field while designing new fibre network installations 25% faster through the simple adoption of geo-spatial technology.

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“Telcos could talk to enterprise customers about applications and security,” one vendor advises.

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The nature of communications technology has changed, thanks to the cloud

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