The $65bn Question:
How can network and finance work together
to safeguard capital investments?

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As if operating large and complex networks isn’t challenging enough for global operators, ensuring an accurate accounting of network assets including location and financial classification, as well as introducing new services, completing service trend analysis and meeting regulatory reporting requirements, makes the challenge that much more daunting.

These factors - the need for more investment, to document network assets precisely, value them accurately and manage their efficient operation - have created a perfect storm. Fortunately, there are solutions that give network operators greatly improved capabilities to track, manage and assess the value of their network assets and more easily comply with financial regulations. Learn how mobile operators around the world are safeguarding their capital investments.

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Eyad Alqadi

Regional Sales Director

Eyad Alqadi, regional sales director, EMEA, at iconectiv is responsible for spearheading the company’s expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with a focus on sales strategy, customer relations and consultation, and establishing channel partner relationships. With more than 20 years of experience in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, Eyad has worked successfully with organizations to leverage various technology solutions to generate value and improve operations, efficiencies, productivity and ultimately their bottom lines.

John Hayes

Senior Director

John Hayes, Senior Director at iconectiv, is responsible for leading the company’s global product cost analysis efforts, fixed asset management, and regulatory compliance and reporting initiatives. Over his more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications, Hayes has led strategic campaigns to improve network operations for global carriers centered around new investments, utilization and fixed operations. He has also advocated for effective regulatory compliance and reporting and spearheaded financial strategies to reduce carrier expenditures and increase cost savings.

Dr. Mark H Mortensen

Principal Analyst
ACG Research

Mark H Mortensen has over 40 years in communications software from his work at Bell Labs, CMO of several software startups and leading industry analyst. He is the founder of Audrine Research LLC ( www.audrineresearch.com ), where he works with vendors and Operators on the technologies that underpin digital transformation. He also is Principal Analyst for ACG Research’s ( www.acgcc.com ) Communications Software practice where he concentrates on digital transformation. Mark applies his knowledge to messaging and competitive positioning, communications, technology and market strategy via workshops, presentations, white papers and articles across a wide array of topics including digital transformation, digital experience, transition to cloud native architecture, and automation of virtualized and physical networks. Mark holds an MPhil and PhD in Physics from Yale University and a B.S. in physics from UMass Lowell. He is an adjunct faculty member at University of Massachusetts at Lowell in the Manning School of Business, teaching strategic management and professional communications.

George Malim

Managing editor
VanillaPlus Magazine

George is a freelance technology journalist. He has covered the telecoms market since 1999 and contributes to Global Telecoms Business, The Mobile Network, VanillaPlus and Wireless magazines in addition to producing content on behalf of operators, vendors and creative agencies.